Hi there.
My name is Ricky.
A Front-end Developer-to-be.

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Hi, my name is Ricky. I'm currently studying Webdevelopment at Grafisch Lyceum Utrect.

A 19 years old guy that in love with Scripting, Programming, Photography, and of course Gaming.


html html5 css
scss javascript react
react native jquery php
mysqli pdo c#


Moved to The Netherland

Due to some circumstances, I had to move to the Netherland with my family. This was the beginning of new chapter of my life that I had never expected before.

Mediadeveloper at Grafisch Lyceum Utrect

After a few years in the Netherland, I found myself liking techniques called scripting and programming. Right now I am attending a school in Utrecht and studying web development with hope to go beyond and to get myself in the development world.

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